Audi has been revealing concepts called sphere since August, 2021 and all of them not only preview the automaker’s future design direction, but they are all also designed to be autonomous vehicles. After a sporty drop-top, a sleek four-door coupe and a cross between a minivan and a mini-SUV, the four ringed automaker is now teasing its fourth concept in the series, the Activesphere, and it looks like a tall, electric A5 coupe.

We’re not completely sure it will be a two-door vehicle, since Audi deliberately obscured that part of the study’s body in the sole teaser shot, but the greenhouse looks a bit too small to belong to a four-door. The design of the fascias will be similar to previous sphere concepts, but the fact that it is a tall coupe really sets it apart.

That’s because while there are already vehicles on the market (not necessarily electric ones) with similar body styles, you can’t currently buy a tall coupe like the one teased here. The automaker is coy about detailing its production plans for this series of concepts, the latest one included, and all it says about the upcoming tall two-door is that

The Audi Activesphere concept, which is set to debut at the beginning of 2023, will offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle – both on and off-road.

Frankly, none of these sphere concepts feature exterior design that is especially different to what Audi currently has in its lineup. In fact, with minimal modifications, the company could put all of these body styles into production (and more). However, it is inside that it is keen to point out that it is inside where the biggest changes can be observed.

Being designed with autonomous driving in mind, all of these vehicles have clean dashboards with no steering wheels, and coupled with the improved use of space of an electric vehicle, their interiors feel even more futuristic than the exteriors and they are a bigger departure from today's production interiors, especially if they will be sold sans helm.

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