Ford not only managed to get its electric F-150 to market before equivalent models from rival manufacturers, but the model was very well received, praised for its practicality, performance and good features for an EV. However, according to some owners the truck isn’t quite perfect and there are areas where they would change the vehicle.

The owner of this particular F-150 Lightning, hosted on a YouTube channel called Drive Electric, made a video about the 10 things he doesn’t like about the vehicle. Most of the things listed in the video sound like they could be fixed via over-the-air updates, and Ford will probably address these over time.

One that won’t be solved via update is the lack of a remote start function on the key fob. It’s worth noting that you can now use the FordPass app to remotely start the Lightning, as well as adjust interior temperature, roll down the windows and even turn on the lights or honk the horn. We say this isn’t really an issue given that the Lightning is an EV and you will want to adjust more settings than just starting it up the same way you would an ICE truck.

Sure, it’s more convenient to some people to just have a physical button on the key, but taking the time to do it through the app just seems more suited to an EV.

Another problem they found with the vehicle in this video is that it doesn’t have a sold rear axle, even though giving it fully independent suspension has made the truck ride really nicely out on the road where most examples will spend most of their time anyway. Sure, if you want to lift the vehicle, the lift kit will be more expensive, but for most buyers most of the time, this is the better solution.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with the problems presented in the video and make sure to also watch the video where our own Tom Moloughney, who is also a Lightning owner, lists both his likes and dislikes.

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