I've owned my 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in Lariat trim with the extended range battery for two months and have driven it 3,000 miles now, including a 1,000-mile road trip up into Canada. I'm starting to understand the features that most and least impress me about the truck, so I put together this video with my Ford F-150 Lightning's top ten likes and dislikes.

The likes and dislikes aren't in any particular order, and many of them would also apply to the ICE versions of the F-150. However, I did start out with the power and performance, because it's such a distinctive characteristic of the Lightning. With 580 horsepower (532 kW) and 775 lb-ft of torque, the Lightning is an amazing performer. 

Ford F-150 Lightning made in America


  • Power and Performance
  • Panoramic Glass Roof with Power Sunscreen
  • Smooth Driving / Independent Suspension
  • Extremely Quiet Cabin
  • Efficiency and Driving Range
  • Regenerative Braking Coach
  • Power Liftgate with Step
  • Mega Power Frunk
  • Pro Power Onboard
  • Rear Seating Room and Comfort

Bonus Like - Ford Intelligent Backup Power System

One of my biggest dislikes with the styling is the opaque, almost milky look of the white light bar across the front of the lightning. I love the form of the light bar, but the pasty white plastic isn't really to my liking. So I'm planning on wrapping it with a tint, to have it blend in with the front of the truck a little, but still allow light to shine through. 


  • Opaque Front Light Bar
  • No Numeric State Of Charge Display
  • Android Auto Connection Failures
  • One Pedal Driving Mode Integration
  • Driver’s Sun Visor
  • Front Motor Power / Torque Steer
  • Wireless Phone Charger Compartment
  • Weak Center Console Armrest Spring
  • Only Available In One Configuration
  • Limited Supply / Availability

Bonus Dislike - Inadequate Charging Information

So check out the video and let us know if you agree or disagree with the list. I'm particularly interested in hearing from other Lightning owners, to see if we're in agreement. 

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