Our friend Andy Slye, who has owned multiple Tesla vehicles, including a Model 3 and Model Y, finally got a chance to check out the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. As you can probably gather from his title choice, he was impressed with the truck, and it seems that's been the case with most reviewers.

We've always appreciated Andy's tech and EV coverage since it comes off as very objective. He's just as willing to be super-excited about a brand, vehicle, or feature as he is to give you his two cents if something irks him. In fact, Andy has received some pushback from the online Tesla community on occasion for pointing out obvious flaws with Tesla's vehicles, which is a sad state of affairs. However, that's a different story for a different day.

At any rate, Andy makes it clear that the F-150 Lightning in the video didn't come to him from Ford, but rather, it belongs to a friend who allowed him to spend some time with it. While this shouldn't make a difference in how he reviews it, it's a detail all reviewers should share.

Andy says there's no better way to get more people into electric vehicles than to take the best-selling vehicle in the country and offer it as an EV. However, simply offering it as an EV arguably isn't enough. Instead, you have to offer it as a compelling EV, with a sleek design, appealing features, ample power, solid performance, and plenty of range. Fortunately, that's exactly what Ford set out to do, and it appears it succeeded.

Check out the video as Andy takes us through all of the reasons the F-150 Lightning is "BAD NEWS for Gas." He provided the following list of topics and timestamps to help navigate through the video. However, it's not very long, and we think the whole video is well worth the time it takes to watch.

  • 0:00 Ford F-150 Lightning
  • 1:56 Mega Power Frunk
  • 2:41 Truck Bed
  • 3:24 Pro Power Onboard
  • 4:34 Sponsor (Skillshare)
  • 5:39 Interior
  • 6:25 Touchscreen & Software
  • 7:59 Features & Comfort
  • 9:22 Driving Experience
  • 10:24 BlueCruise & Ride Quality
  • 12:42 EV Benefits & Charging

Once you've had a chance to watch the video, let us know what you think of Andy's review. Do you have anything to add? If so, share it with our audience in the comment section below.

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