Undoubtedly, the Ford F-150 Lightning is a great electric truck. It offers plenty of storage space, a competitive towing capacity, and ample range for a very reasonable starting price. However, which version makes the most sense to get? Should you go all out and get a well-specced Lariat, or try and stay as close as possible to the Lightning's superb $39,974 starting price with a Pro? YouTube channel TFLnow decided to find out by comparing both.

The channel's host, Roman, first outlined the prices of the Lightning models he was comparing. Although, as mentioned above, the Pro starts at $39,974 the vehicle in his video had the larger 131 kWh pack equipped plus several other options. Hence it had a price in the region of $56,000. Meanwhile, the Lariat was worth around $80,000 - almost as much as a top trim Platinum.

Outside, the Pro has no lightbar at the front and back. It also has a more basic plastic grill. The Pro comes with 18-inch alloys, meanwhile the Lariat gets 20" ones. The Pro has a manual tailgate, with the Lariat's being electronically powered. Both vehicles are AWD and have 320-mile EPA ranges. They also have a hefty 580 bhp. Furthermore, both the Lariat and Pro come with massive frunks with 14.1 cubic feet of storage space.

Inside, the Lariat has the same 15.5" portrait touchscreen as the Mustang Mach-E. Meanwhile, the Pro comes with the 12" landscape display that's found throughout the ICE F-150 lineup. The Lariat has plenty of leather and bronze detailing. It also comes with a large sunroof. In comparison, the Pro is much more basic inside. It doesn't get a sunroof and there's plenty of cheap leather and hard plastic. That said, overall the Pro is pretty impressive. Its interior is more than adequate.

Roman concluded that he thinks the Pro will be the better seller. It offers more bang for your buck, especially considering you get the same range and towing capacity as the Lariat provided you spec the $10k, 131 kWh battery. 

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