Earlier this week, Ford announced a new strategic partnership with Manufacture 2030 (M2030). The Big Three automaker is among the first to join up with the organization, which aims to help Ford's suppliers meet carbon emissions requirements.

According to Ford's official press release, it has already included its global supply chain on the M2030 platform. M2030 works with suppliers to "measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions," which should help Ford as it pushes to become a global leader with its portfolio of electric vehicles.

While many automakers are finally beginning to welcome EV adoption and strive to reduce emissions, that may not be the case with various automotive suppliers across the globe. In order to ensure that such suppliers are on the right path and not hindering EV makers' efforts, it seems some valuable assistance is in order.

As Ford strives to reduce its global carbon footprint, it has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner, though it's aiming for 2035 in Europe. Ford's Global Vice President for its Supply Chain Jonathan Jennings explained:

“Achieving carbon neutrality for Ford is an important corporate goal and integral to our purpose to help build a better world. It is becoming a strong demand from our customers, shareholders and investors, and the supply chain is essential in achieving this goal. Hitting our targets will require we cut emissions across our entire value chain, particularly from purchased energy, goods and services."

Jennings goes on to conclude that M2030 will be integral in helping Ford successfully follow through with realizing its carbon neutrality goals. The platform will also help the automaker keep tabs on its emissions and create real-world action plans to reduce its carbon footprint through various efforts and assistance afforded to its suppliers.

Ford is one of the first US automakers to partner with M2030, and the very first to share its global supply chain on the M2030 platform. This is positive news since Ford produces more cars in the US than any rival, and it also employs more hourly workers in America than all competing automakers.

In the simplest of terms, Ford has alerted Manufacture 2030 of its long list of global suppliers in countries across the globe, some of which don't yet have emissions reduction targets in place. This way, M2030 can pinpoint suppliers that are in need of assistance and help them take action to make future plans that will eliminate carbon emissions and reduce costs.

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