Tesla China has just informed its Model S Plaid reservation holders that they should be getting ready to take delivery of their cars. The manufacturer stopped offering its two larger models in 2021 when the refreshed versions of both (including the top Plaid trim) debuted in the US and the manufacturer first had to meet local demand before expanding deliveries outside the ‘States.

Now Tesla wants reservation holders in China to make final payments so that their refreshed Model S (Plaid included) or Model X can be delivered, even though its official website for China still doesn’t currently list any delivery dates (or even the final prices) for these models.

According to Yan Chang, a Tesla Model X reservation holder from China, who one of the first to order the refreshed version of the model, says he just got notified via email to finish off paying for the vehicle and once that is done, he would take possession of his brand new EV. It is also worth noting that a Model S Plaid was spotted in China earlier this month, making these reports even more credible.

Those who ordered a new Model S and Model X in China were asked to make a 20,000 yuan (equivalent to around $2,800) to secure their vehicle and the rest would be paid after pricing would be revealed. Interestingly, Tesla has been recording very high delivery numbers in China, even though it has only been delivering locally-manufactured Model 3s and Model Ys, and beginning deliveries of these models should help bolster its 2022 sales figures.

And it looks like the first deliveries of these models in Europe are also poised to begin before the end of the year. Tesla started taking orders for the revised Model S and X in August, announcing then that it would be looking to start deliveries on the continent in November or December of 2022.

Well, now some order holders from Germany are also reporting that Tesla is asking them to finalize their purchase so that they can take delivery by the end of the year. German Tesla-centric website Teslamag featured a drone video taken at the Fremont factory in California (embedded above), which allegedly show many completed Euro-spec Model S and X vehicles; first handovers in Europe are expected to begin in November.

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