As we've reported on many occasions, Tesla is working to upgrade and expand its factories across the globe. Due to the high demand for EVs, and especially Tesla's vehicles, delivery times are getting ridiculously long. If you order a Tesla Model Y in the States today, you could wait nearly a year to take delivery, and Tesla has stopped taking orders for the Model 3 Long Range in the US and Canada.

Tesla just finished upgrading its Model Y production lines in China, and reports suggest it's making a notable difference. In fact, delivery times for the Tesla electric crossover have been reduced to as little as four weeks. If the trend continues, people in China will be able to get their Teslas very quickly compared to the situation prior to the upgrades. At this point, it's not uncommon to wait more than four weeks for just about any new and popular car, so the upgrades help put Tesla on a more level playing field with its rivals.

According to Teslarati, Tesla China's website shows an estimated delivery time of just four to eight weeks for new Model Y orders. The delivery time applies to the base model with rear-wheel drive, which isn't available on our shores. Meanwhile, other versions of the Model Y, as well as all Model 3 vehicles are estimated to be delivered in 12 to 20 weeks. The article also notes that Tesla China was previously delivering cars in as few as eight weeks and as many as 24.

Tesla pointed to the recent upgrades at Giga Shanghai as one of the reasons it has been able to reduce Model Y delivery times. Reuters reported that the automaker confirmed both the factory upgrades and the new delivery times. It appears Tesla has likely completed upgrades to Model Y lines in China, though it still has work to do on Model 3 lines. Following the completion of all upgrades, the automaker is forecasting 22,000 vehicles produced per week.

As the quarter moves on, Tesla will begin to shift its focus away from exports and toward local deliveries in China. With that said, some people in the country who order a Model Y soon could potentially take delivery prior to the end of Q3 2022.

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