The Polestar 5 makes its debut today at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in development prototype form, and on this occasion the brand has revealed the flagship EV's first powertrain details.

Hang on tight because this is exciting stuff. Described as a "high-performance electric 4-door GT with proper sports car credentials," the Polestar 5 will feature a new top-of-the-line electric powertrain that is currently under development in Sweden.

Built on an 800-volt architecture, the Polestar 5 will pack a dual motor powertrain with a targeted output of 650 kilowatts (871 horsepower/884 PS) and 900 Newton-meters (664 pound feet) of system torque. The setup will feature a new rear electric motor providing "superior output" and a "high-output" front motor.

No performance specs were revealed, but they should be impressive seeing as the Polestar 5 will feature a unique bonded aluminum chassis that will help lower the vehicle's overall weight and deliver "the vehicle dynamics signature to create a driving experience that is as desirable as the design." The targeted range is 600 kilometers (372 miles), although that rating could be calculated on the WRTP cycle.

In an investor presentation in May 2022, Polestar mentioned it is working on a 650-kW dual motor powertrain which includes a 103-kWh battery. Thanks to the 800-volt architecture, the said battery would be able to charge to 80% SoC in approximately 20 minutes.

Gallery: Polestar 5 Prototype at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The presentation also mentioned bi-directional charging and vehicle-to-grid capabilities, as well as a two-speed gearbox with dual-clutch and disconnect feature. Mind you, the company did not say explicitly that the Polestar 5 will get these features. 

"Polestar 5 is shaping up to be a superb 4-door GT and a true Polestar at heart. The platform combines low-volume performance car attributes with modern technological advances to bring light-weight, high-rigidity sports car chassis technology into mass production."

Pete Allen, Head of Polestar UK R&D

Goodwood Festival of Speed visitors will be able to get a taste of the Polestar 5's performance by watching the completely camouflaged development prototype run up the iconic Goodwood hill twice daily during the event in the "First Glance" group.

"The new powertrain we are working on will set a new brand benchmark in our high-performing cars. Combining strong electric motor engineering ability with advances in light-weight platform technology is leading to truly stunning driver's cars."

Jörg Brandscheid, Polestar's CTO and Head of R&D

The production version of the Polestar 5 is planned for launch in 2024 as the third of three new EVs expected to debut in the coming three years, following the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 electric SUVs. 

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