The made-in-Germany (MIG) Tesla Model Y Performance for the European market, offers state-of-the-art efficiency and range in its class, according to recent Bjørn Nyland tests.

After a pretty strong result in the range test of 510 km/317 miles at 90 km/h (56 mph), Bjørn Nyland's 1,000 km challenge proves also outstanding long-distance travel capabilities, related to the combination of range, efficiency, and fast charging.

According to the video, the MIG Tesla Model Y Performance completed the distance of 1,000 km (over 621 miles), at an average temperature of 20°C, in 9 hours and 45 minutes (after some time deductions), which is the same as the Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD version in September 2021 (which was very quick also at 0°C).

During the challenge, the car was charged a total of six times along the way, (5-6 is a typical number of stops for the challenge) which means that after the initial 212 km (132 miles), the average distance between charging stops was 131 km (82 miles).

The 1,000 km challenge is a unique test, which expands our empirical knowledge about EVs and gives us glimpses of what is physically possible by an experienced driver in a country with dense DC fast charging infrastructure.

According to the car's computer, the average energy consumption was just 228 Wh/km (367 Wh/mile), which together with pretty good fast charging characteristics, was crucial to get under 10 hours.

Test conditions (according to Bjørn Nyland):

  • Start: 100% State of Charge (SOC)
  • Temperatures: 17-24°C (20°C on average)
  • Total time: 9 hours and 45 minutes
  • Average speed (total): 102.6 km/h (64 mph)
  • Average energy consumption: 228 Wh/km (367 Wh/mile)
  • Number of stops for charging: 6
  • Average distance between charging stops:
    Total: 143 km (89 miles)
    Excluding the initial segment: 131 km (82 miles)
  • Date / Notes: 11.06.2022

Charging stops:

  1. Charging: after 212 km (132 miles)
  2. Charging: after 363 km (226 miles)
  3. Charging: after 512 km (318 miles)
  4. Charging: after 662 km (411 miles)
  5. Charging: after 814 km (506 miles)
  6. Charging: after 955 km (594 miles)
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