Volkswagen’s electric vehicle strategy regarding its first bespoke EVs, engineered from the ground up to be electric, one hatchback, some variations of the same crossover and most recently the ID Buzz van and minivan. This clearly shows how high sedans are on the automaker’s list of priorities, but it still wants to have one in its electric lineup.

Currently known as the Aero B, the sedan has been seen by our spies on several occasions now, every time posing as an ICE sedan, something like a Jetta or Passat, bearing light but surprisingly effective camouflage that doesn’t really give us a great look at its fascias, while at the same time, at a glance, you might not even spot that some parts are actually hidden.

Gallery: 2024 Volkswagen Aero B Electric Sedan spy shots (new)

Its design is very simple and not very outlandish, but Volkswagen is known for keeping its cars very restrained and it looks like this won’t change as we’re going into the age of electric cars. It is more interesting from the side than most current VW sedans, thanks to its clearly defined flanks and a subtle Coke bottle-like profile that makes it both elegant and sporty. And it needs to be an elegant yet sober car because it will basically serve as an electric Passat alternative.

Built on the same MEB platform that currently underpins all new electric VWs, the Aero B (which will most likely be called something else for production and will probably wear an ID badge, probably ID.7) should go into production in the latter half of 2023, with its main market being China, where it will also make its debut, although we believe Volkswagen will bring this model to Europe and North America to have its own Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2 or an Hyundai Ioniq 6 rival - it's a big segment that it isn't currently covering on western markets.

Base versions will be rear-wheel drive-only, although dual-motor versions will be available, while the range-topping performance model is expected to wear the GTX badge that VW has already put on the ID.4, ID.5 and the company has also confirmed that there will be an ID.3 GTX.

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