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Posted on EVANNEX on May 24, 2022, by Charles Morris

Duke Energy Florida launched its Park & Plug program in 2018 to expand public charging options in the Sunshine State, and selected NovaCHARGE, an Orlando-based provider of charging hardware, software and cloud-based charger administration, as the prime contractor.

Above: Tesla Model S charging in Florida (Source: NovaCHARGE)

Now NovaCHARGE has completed the successful deployment of 627 EV charging ports. The company was responsible for the delivery of a turnkey EV charging solution in a variety of locations across Florida:

• 182 public Level 2 chargers at local retail locations

• 220 Level 2 chargers at multi-unit dwellings

• 173 Level 2 chargers at workplaces

• 52 public DC fast chargers at strategic locations that connect major highway corridors and evacuation routes

Over the multi-year project, NovaCHARGE delivered its NC7000 and NC8000 networked chargers, as well as its ChargeUP EV Administrative Cloud Network, which enables remote administrative control and reporting, and supports both NovaCHARGE chargers and hardware from other major vendors.

As we recently reported, Florida is also currently running a pilot program to explore the electrification of rental car fleets. EVs are exceedingly popular in Florida, and travel to the state is common among Americans and people from around the globe.

Taking early steps to ensure a growing network of public EV charging stations, as well as offering electric cars as rentals seems to make a whole lot of sense. Hopefully, more states will follow suit going forward.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: NovaCHARGE

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