Fisker recently teased a sporty four-door EV with remarkable specs that it wants to start producing in 2024, the Ronin. Nobody at the time suspected that the vehicle was anything other than sporty sedan, when in fact it is a four-door, four-seater convertible.

Such vehicles have been exceedingly rare throughout automotive history and none are currently in production. This is a bold decision, given the fact that this configuration will not only negatively affect the vehicle’s torsional rigidity (highly important for precise handling), as well as its range, especially with the top down.


The company will have to put in a lot of effort to get a vehicle with this unique body style to deliver the kind of handling that Henrik Fisker has promised, since in his own words, it will deliver "extremely high levels of performance."

Accompanying the latest Ronin teaser, revealed through Henrik Fisker’s Instagram account, he mentions the targeted specs for the vehicle: 600 miles (960 km) on one charge, 0 - 60 mph in “close to 2 seconds” and a three-motor configuration. The range prediction has grown by 50 miles compared to the first teaser, which also revealed the vehicle would cost around $200,000 and that a prototype would be shown in August, 2023.


Fisker will first launch the much more affordable Ocean SUV, which starts at under $38,000. It is set to go into production at Magna Steyr’s facility in Graz, Austria starting mid-November, 2022 and it is expected to reach customers in the US and elsewhere not long after. 

After the Ocean, in 2024 Fisker will launch a $29,900 vehicle it calls Pear (not the fruit, but short for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), which based on teaser images is probably going to be a sporty electric hatchback. No Fisker Pear specs have yet been revealed.

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