Henrik Fisker confirmed on Instagram that Fisker plans to launch a fully electric GT sports car in 2024. The goal is to offer a high-tech luxury sports car with more electric range than any other EV.

According to Fisker, the grand touring electric sports car with be called the Ronin, or at least that's what the initial project is codenamed. The Ronin is expected to follow the Fisker Ocean and Pear to market as the brand's third EV.

The Ocean is a smaller electric SUV with styling that sort of looks like the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Meanwhile, the Pear is a compact car, and the name Pear is an acronym for "Personal Electric Automotive Revolution."

At any rate, Henrik Fisker posted the following teaser image of the future Ronin GT sports car, which Autocar says will be developed at the Fisker Magic Works engineering facility in the UK. The publication also notes that the Ronin project will be headed up by Dave King, a former special projects boss at Aston Martin.


Fisker's Instagram post about Project Ronin includes a few important pieces of information. Based on the image and Henrik's description of the car, it will be a two-door four-seat grand touring model. 

Fisker says the Ronin will use a structural battery pack. We assume it will be much like Tesla's new made-in-Texas Model Y, which has 4680 battery cells and a structural pack. He goes on to add that with the battery integrated into the sports car's structure, it will be lighter and more efficient. Fisker expects the Ronin's range to exceed 550 miles on a single charge.

According to Fisker's post, the electric GT sports car will have an expected starting price of just under $200,000. The brand intends to unveil the Ronin project prototype in August of 2023.

Thus far, there aren't any specific details about the car's performance, but we can only assume it will be quick and agile. Autocar says Fisker promises the Ronin will be not only a proper British sports car, but also an innovator when it comes to luxury sports cars of the future.

Following the Ronin's reveal in 2023, Fisker plans to start production in the second half of 2024. Meanwhile, Fisker's first EV, the Ocean, is set to arrive overseas in 2023, with the Pear coming a year later. Based on these timelines, it seems as though the Pear and Ronin could both come to market in 2024, and Fisker says a fourth vehicle will arrive in 2025.

This is all part of Fisker's grand plans to sell 1 million electric vehicles by 2027, with a goal of making 1 million cars per year from 2030 forward.

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