Fisker has announced it has more than 40,000 reservations for its Ocean electric SUV, a gain of approximately 8,000 reservations since February 16 when the company last provided an update.

The company says it has indications that many reservation holders intend to purchase the Fisker Ocean One launch edition or Fisker Ocean Extreme models, both priced at $68,999 in the US. As a result, Fisker will open pre-order reservations for the limited-edition Fisker Ocean One to current reservation holders on July 1, 2022. 

The EV startup aims to manufacture 5,000 limited-edition Fisker Ocean One SUVs, starting in November 2022. Given the high level of interest in the Ocean One and Ocean Extreme, Fisker believes it will potentially sell out capacity through most of 2023 with purchase orders of its high-end models.

"Our goal is to be completely transparent with our customers. We don't want reservation holders who expect to purchase a Fisker Ocean One to be disappointed, so we are providing them now with the opportunity to secure their vehicle."

Henrik Fisker, Fisker CEO

Gallery: Fisker Ocean Production Model

After production of the limited Ocean One concludes, Fisker will prioritize and manufacture all Ocean Extreme orders. Going forward, the company will allocate additional capacity to Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport models. Fisker estimates that production of the Ocean Sport base model will not begin until late 2023 at modest volumes, with higher volumes expected in 2024.

In the event of reservation cancellations, Fisker says some additional customers may secure a build slot for a 2023 Ocean Extreme, depending on the order in which they place a reservation. Furthermore, if Fisker can produce 50,000 or more vehicles in 2023, it will explore logistics and supply-chain options to increase deliveries.

Interestingly, the EV startup says it does not expect to raise prices because of inflationary or commodity-cost pressures through 2023, thanks to its "asset-light business model."

However, given the current rate of inflation and global market pressures in logistics and commodity costs, Fisker cannot guarantee pricing will remain unchanged for orders received after the 40,000-reservation number or vehicles produced from 2024 onwards. 

At the moment, customers may place a reservation for their first Fisker Ocean for $250 and $100 for a second vehicle.

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