The Fisker Ocean electric crossover seems like it has it all: cool design, decent specs, affordable price and just enough je ne sais quoi to make it unique. In fact, many might say it is quite affordable (priced from $37,499) for what it promises (250 miles range in the entry level model or up to 350 miles in larger battery versions), so it’s not surprising that many people have put their name down for one.

Fisker recently answered the question about how many Ocean pre-orders it has for the Ocean with a number: ’more than 30,000 reservations,’ as per its recently released financial report for 2021. To this the company also adds a separate batch of 1,600 fleet orders for a grand total of close to 32,000.

The same report also states that the pace reservations so far in 2022 has increased fourfold compared to the same period last year. Henrik Fisker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fisker was quoted in the report as saying

2022 has kicked off at an amazing pace, with continued laser focus on delivery of the Fisker Ocean as priority one. We are now into the next-level prototype build phase and progressing through our vehicle testing and certification plan. Our extremely dedicated and focused team is working closely with all our suppliers to stay on track to deliver the first Fisker Oceans this year in November.

As the Fisker Ocean is heading towards production, it’s time for us to plan for a future of rapid growth. After many requests from potential customers (both retail and commercial) and completion of design and engineering phase 1, we decided to open reservations for the 2024 Fisker PEAR. This is a completely differentiated product, designed and engineered to reinvent urban mobility.

We have not been shown the PEAR yet, but according to Mr. Fisker, it will look very different to the Ocean. He even says that it’s not so much a car as it is a ‘mobility device,’ but that the company is not ready to show off its design for fear that it will be copied by competing companies.

Even though the manufacturer has not shown the PEAR yet (aside from the one top-down perspective shot that doesn’t really reveal much), you can already put your name down for one, and you should get it in 2024. The only concrete things we know about the $29,900 PEAR is that it is being conceived as an urban mobility solution, Fisker wants to sell 250,000 of them per annum and it wants to manufacture it in Ohio.

The Fisker PEAR is expected to be built by Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that manufactures the iPhone for Apple, which is currently looking to buy the Lordstown Motors factory - the deal on the manufacturing location is expected to be closed in April of this year.

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