The recently launched Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg plant in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany potentially might become larger than initially anticipated.

According to unofficial reports (RBB via Electrive), Tesla is planning to acquire an additional plot (100 hectare) adjacent to the already massive 300-hectare property, which is big enough for a few more gigafactories.

The additional space, on the east - between the RE1 railway line (utilized by Tesla) and the L23 and L38 country roads - potentially could be used for manufacturing, storage, or by suppliers.


Nothing is official or certain at this point, but the rumors in "circles of authorities" sound reasonable.

According to the report, a large part of the land belongs to the state of Brandenburg and would be "suitable" for sale, but it might require a change to the development plan for the area and another agreement related to water usage (water protection area). Like in the case of the main area, currently there is mostly a tree farm.

RBB estimates that the additional land could cost €13 million ($13.7 million), assuming the same price per unit as for the main plot.

Considering that the price is not significant compared to Tesla's business and that it's a growth company, the rumor about an upcoming expansion is probable. Nonetheless, even without additional land, Tesla has plenty of space.

Currently, Tesla is busy ramping up the production of Made-in-Germany (MIG) Tesla Model Y at the site, which is especially important due to disruptions in supply chains and the Giga Shanghai site's local lockdowns.

The MIG Tesla Model Y is progressing and recent videos show multiple vehicle carriers waiting or taking new cars to customers in Europe.

At the same time, the construction work continues, basically in all areas - some are auxiliary to the main manufacturing facilities, while some are related to the upcoming battery production facility (4680-type cylindrical cells instead of imported 2170-type cylindrical cells from China).

Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Tesla Giga Berlin) at brief:

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