ABB E-mobility and Shell announced that they are taking their collaboration to the next level with a new global framework agreement (GFA) related to EV charging.

The main point of the deal is that ABB will provide an end-to-end portfolio of AC and DC charging stations for the Shell charging network on a global and high, but undisclosed scale.

ABB's portfolio includes AC wallboxes (for home, work or retail installations) and DC fast chargers, like the Terra 360 with an output of 360 kW (for refueling stations, urban charging stations, retail parking and fleet applications).

We guess that the deal has a substantial value because Shell underlines its target of over 500,000 charging points (AC and DC) globally by 2025 and 2.5 million by 2030.

According to the press release, the GFA will help address two of the challenges to increasing EV adoption - availability of the charging infrastructure (more charging points) and charging speed (ultra-fast chargers).

The image, attached to the announcement highlights two ABB fast chargers, installed at a Shell fuel station, which is an important step in the transition from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars.

ABB is one of the largest EV charging suppliers in the world with a cumulative sales of more than 680,000 units in more than 85 markets (over 30,000 DC fast chargers and 650,000 AC charging points, including those sold through Chargedot in China).

The partnership between ABB and Shell does not surprise us. It's actually something expected. Recently we heard about a multi-year contract between BP and Tritium. Large charging networks are simply securing high volume supply and attractive prices for chargers.

In general, it seems that the industry has reached a point at which it becomes obvious that chargers at fuel stations will have strong business foundations and it's time to increase investments.

It means also that maybe fuel stations will not disappear, but maybe rather will gradually transform into charging stations, as they usually have outstanding locations and already offer other services.

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