When we first learned about the CyberLandr, we shared it here on InsideEVs, which sparked plenty of interest. Essentially, the CyberLandr transforms the Tesla Cybertruck into a full-fledged adventure vehicle that's the equivalent of a small home on wheels. Now, the company has revealed details about the future product's updated interior and kitchen features.

CyberLandr shares that the most anticipated feature is one that some folks have called "impossible." Yes, it's the impossible invisible induction cooktop that's reportedly "possible." It's built into the CyberLandr's countertop, so you can't see it. While in use, the counter area remains safe to touch even when you're cooking food.

The company says that the innovative induction cooktop provides owners with more counter space than competing products. Moreover, it looks nice and it's easy to clean and maintain.

The feature uses touch-sensitive controls, which are also used to control the product's faucet. The new kitchen has a sink that also doubles as a tri-level workstation with a cutting board, a drying rack, and more. The new compressor fridge has the ability to keep food and drinks cold for many days, even when it's hot outside.

The press release goes on to share more about the CyberLandr kitchen's premium materials, noting that the cabinets are made with the same HDPE as expensive outdoor kitchens. The company says the materials will stand the test of time and the elements.

According to the company, the CyberLandr is equipped with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office. When it's not in use, it "disappears" into the Tesla Cybertruck's bed, which Tesla calls the "Vault."

This means you can drive the Cybertruck with the CyberLandr installed and not have to worry about aerodynamic drag and a notable loss of electric range. It also means a CyberLandr equipped Cybertruck is free of obstacles when parking at home or on the road.

CyberLandr says its crowdfunding campaign for the future product will come to an end on April 29, 2022. 

Be sure to check out the official CyberLandr video at the top of the page that shows off the newly updated kitchen and its features.

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