Stream It, Inc., maker of the CyberLandr – a pop-up camper accessory for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck – made several interesting announcements today via its Facebook page, as well as an official press release. The company has reportedly racked up $100 million worth of pre-orders for the CyberLandr, it's now making some shares available for purchase, and it has a new and improved website.

According to the press release published today, it seems people across the globe are extremely excited about the CyberLandr, which comes as no surprise due to the popularity of Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck. 


For those unaware, the CyberLandr is a truck camper that fits into the bed – or "vault" as it's called – of the Tesla Cybertruck. The tiny "disappearing" camper contraption comes complete with a kitchen, living room, office, bathroom, and bedroom.

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CEO of Stream It Lance King shared:

"We are humbled by the overwhelming response and excitement around CyberLandr. Many people have asked for the opportunity to invest in the early stages of the company. To make this possible, we have partnered with StartEngine to make a very limited number of shares available."

Stream It says the CyberLandr works to transform the Cybertruck into the "ultimate wilderness and urban adventure vehicle." When stowed in the Tesla's vault, the CyberLandr doesn't add any extra drag to the electric pickup truck, which means there's very little impact on the Cybertruck's electric range while traveling. In addition, when the camper is collapsed, the Cybertruck won't be hindered while parking, pulling into a garage, or passing through a drive-through.

The company says investors in the CyberLandr may be able to earn a discount off the innovative camper. There's also a chance investors could be eligible for a free limited edition Founders Series CyberLandr. Early investors will also receive 10% bonus shares.

The CyberLandr will retail for $49,995. Stream it currently has some 2,000 preorders with deposits ranging from $100 to $5,000.

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