Things for the CyberLandr are off to a great start even though the vehicle it’s designed for, the Tesla Cybertruck, is still in production. 

If you aren’t familiar with the CyberLandr, it’s a pop-out camper/overlander that completely folds into the Cybertruck’s vault (bed). The CyberLandr offers a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office all in one camper. Since it disappears in the vault, owners can basically take it anywhere the Cybertruck can go. It’s unlike anything else in the market. 

Many future Cybertruck owners love it because there have been over 1,000 preorders totaling over $50 million in future revenue. Co-founder Bill French said:

"We believe the enthusiasm is a direct result of people envisioning how this new adventure vehicle can improve their lives. People are telling us of many new uses for both wilderness and urban adventures. For example, parents at athletic matches, or the ability to boondock and overland to places previously inaccessible to a traditional RV. We estimate CyberLandr™ will be used 2-3 times more than traditional RVs because it is so easy to take with you.”

Lance King, CEO of Stream It, Inc., the company behind the CyberLandr said: 

"We conservatively estimate demand for CyberLandr™ at more than 10,000 units in 2022. This is why we are working with renowned lean manufacturing consultants Munro & Associates to help ensure high quality while we scale manufacturing to meet demand.”

Munro & Associates is a long-running engineering and manufacturing consulting firm started and led by Sandy Munro. We cover many of Sandy’s EV videos, including the time he interviewed Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Besides the preorder news, there is more good news for the CyberLandr. According to an email sent by the company:

  • We've received more than 1,100 CyberLandr™ reservations to date.
  • More than 8,000 CyberLandr™ enthusiasts have registered for the FREE Giveaway Contest!
  • $5k, $4k, and $3k reservation discounts are sold out.
  • Almost 300 media outlets have written stories and articles about CyberLandr™ and you can find a number of great Youtube videos about us and CyberLandr™.
  • Almost 200,000 views of our own CyberLandr™ YouTube videos, and an estimated 2 million YouTube views for all videos.

For more information on the CyberLandr click here for our complete review or here for the Cyberlandr’s website

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