Fiat wants to move people in Europe with no tailpipe emissions with its new E-Ulysse EV that will be available in 28 different 7- and 8-seater configurations. It can be equipped with either a 50 kWh or 75 kWh battery pack, the latter delivering a claimed 205 miles (330 km) WLTP.

There’s also a cargo version of this vehicle, the E-Scudo, and both are basically the same vehicle as the Peugeot e-Expert, the Citroen e-Jumpy or the Opel Zafira-E. They all ride on the same EMP2 platform and all are essentially electric versions of ICE vehicles and all are powered by the same 100 kW (136 horsepower) electric motor.

As standard, the E-Ulyse will come on steel wheels with plastic hubcaps and manual air conditioning, but higher up in the range more premium features like a large panoramic sunroof, three-zone climate control, electric sliding doors and even mood lighting for the passenger compartment.

Gallery: 2022 Fiat E-Ulysse

The manufacturer is pitching the E-Ulysse as a vehicle suited to either a VIP shuttle role or in hospitality. One unique feature we spotted in the press release is an air sanitizing device that Fiat says actively removes airborne impurities from inside the vehicle.

Fiat calls the 7-seater version a ‘living room’ and the 8-seater a ‘shuttle’ and points to the endless configurability of having individual seats that can be independently moved on three rows of rails. This betrays the fact that the E-Ulysse is a van, as does the fact that depending on the configuration, you can get up to 4,900 liters (173 cubic-feet) of load volume.

Fiat has not announced pricing for the E-Ulysse, but judging by how the other brands have priced their versions of the same vehicle, we expect it to cost from around €40,000 before incentives.

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