Tesla and EV Twitter were buzzing yesterday, February 28, 2022, when at least two Tesla Cybertruck prototypes were spotted testing at Tesla's Fremont factory track. The Kilowatts, who always seem to be in the right place at the right time, captured several shots of the all-electric behemoth.

In addition, a recent drone flyover video, which was posted on YouTube just yesterday as well, shows one of the Cybertrucks parked next to a Tesla Model S. There are also a few other Tesla vehicles alongside the Cybertruck prototype. For the closest look, start watching at around 3:15 in the YouTube video above. 


Our friends at Teslarati suggest that at least one of the Cybertrucks in the images and video is likely the brand's alpha prototype. You can clearly see the side mirrors and the massive windshield wiper. 

Other interesting observations include the fact that the parked Cybertruck is sporting its tonneau cover, which hasn't been the case in many of the more recent spy shots. The "Vault" cover is also noticeably dirty, so perhaps Tesla has been putting the Cybertruck through the paces in off-road tests as well. However, it could just be in need of some good old elbow grease.

Despite reports of Tesla potentially offering a smaller version of the Cybertruck, or making the electric pickup truck a bit smaller in general, it doesn't appear to be "downsized." As you can see, when parked next to the brand's Model S, the Cybertruck's huge size seems obvious. 

For reference, the Model S is nearly 200 inches long. The original Cybertruck that took the stage at its official reveal was just over 230 inches long.

The weird angle, as well as the offset parking job, makes it appear that the two Tesla vehicles have a length discrepancy that's greater than 2.5 feet. However, if you imagine them lined up, perhaps the length is as expected. What do you think? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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