A prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck has been recently seen for the very first time at a Supercharging station.

A photo taken at the Tesla Giga Texas' Supercharger, obtained from an unknown author, has been shared by Drive Tesla.

It confirms the location of the charging inlet in the driver-side, rear wheel arch (see a video walkthrough at the bottom of this post).

Tesla Cybertruck (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)
Tesla Cybertruck (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)

Tesla already accustomed us to installing charging inlets in the rear. Although, in the previous four models (S, X, 3 and Y), the inlet was integrated in the light area.

Interestingly, the location was in a different place in the concept images of the Cybertruck:

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

At this point, it's too early to say which version will make it to the production.

As we understand, the company's tried to avoid making any additional holes in the stainless steel exoskeleton body of the prototype, as it's not the most important thing in the initial phase.


It's unknown how fast the Tesla Cybertruck will charge, but most likely it will be at the maximum level of the Superchargers (currently 250 kW in V3 version), simply because it will have a very large battery - potentially 200 kWh or more.

By the way, according to a rumor, Tesla is expected to increase V3 Supercharging output to 324 kW and introduce V4 version, which potentially will offer even a higher power.

Anyway, the Tesla Cybertruck launch has been postponed by at least a year to 2023 "hopefully". It means that there is plenty of time to finalize the details.

In 2022, Tesla intends to focus on scaling up the production of existing models, especially the Tesla Model Y at its two new plants - in Texas and in Germany.

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