Earlier today, Joe Rogan shared some new images of the Tesla Cybertruck on his Facebook page. Clearly, it appeared as though Rogan was present at Tesla's Giga Austin, and it seems he snapped the photos himself.

That said, now we've learned that Rogan may have actually taken the Cybertruck prototype out for a ride.


Rogan didn't initially say anything about being on-site when he posted the images above. However, he made it pretty clear that he was behind the camera. As you can see, Rogan noted not only that the Cybertruck is the coolest car he's ever seen, but also that he saw it in "real life."

According to a follow-up story provided by Cybertruck Owners Club, the controversial comic and podcast host got the opportunity to take the "Cybertruck for a spin." At this point, it doesn't appear that there is a video of Rogan driving the Cybertruck, and we can't easily identify him in any of the images, probably since he's likely behind the camera. In addition, we don't see anyone in the driver's seat.

It wouldn't come as a surprise if Rogan did actually jump into the driver's seat and navigate the Cybertruck around inside the factory. Rogan has had Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his podcast in the past, and the talk show host has repeatedly confessed his love for the Cybertruck. Perhaps he even took it out around the factory grounds. We'll have to wait and see if more information becomes available.

This is a developing story. If more details come to light, we'll update this article or provide an additional follow-up post.

In closely related news, sadly Rogan (and many others) will be waiting even longer to take delivery of a Cybertruck. During Tesla's earnings conference call yesterday, Musk said the electric pickup truck won't be coming until at least next year.

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