Tesla CEO Elon Musk has provided an update about the future product roadmap, including progress on the Tesla Cybertruck.

Recent rumors indicated that the all-electric pickup from Tesla had been delayed until 2023. That has been confirmed now.

Elon Musk said during the 2021 Financial Results and Q&A Webcast event that there would be no new vehicle launches in 2022.

It specifically concerns the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi, as the Tesla Roadster is likely even further down the list.

Elon Musk explained why the company will postpone new EV introductions. Tesla's main focus is to scale up the volume; that's the fundamental goal for 2022.

According to Tesla's boss, the launch of a new EV would drain a lot of resources, result in additional supply constraints, and there would be basically no growth of production and sales.

A few months ago, Elon Musk wrote something similar, pointing out supply constraints.

The main constraint for the Tesla Cybertruck appears to be new technologies associated with the vehicle.

He expressed hope that we would see a new electric vehicle in production next year. In other words, at least one new model has a chance to enter the market in 2023. In terms of volume, the goal is 250,000 Cybertrucks per year.

Elon Musk add that the most important product development is actually not a car, but the Optimus humanoid robot, as it has a higher potential than vehicle business.

Of course, development on the Tesla Cybertruck continues as well, with a prototype of the vehicle recently seen at the Giga Austin plant, where it's supposed to be produced at some point in the future.

In the Q4 2021 financial report, Tesla wrote:

"We are making progress on the industrialization of Cybertruck, which is currently planned for Austin production subsequent to Model Y."

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