EDIT: We added an entire walkaround video at the bottom of this article.

Tesla really wants to to start Cybertruck production, although it’s not clear when, and the most recent estimate is early 2023, although there’s a chance it will still debut sometime this year. Progress on the electric pickup is continuing, though, as shown by this prototype snapped by a Tesla employee, which looks pretty much production ready.

It has the single windscreen wiper, whose rest position is vertical (it looks much more nicely integrated than before), right next to the left A-pillar, a pair of big traditional side mirrors that appear to be unpainted plastic, no visible door handles, wheels that look the Aero set from the Model 3 (without the aero covers) and a very interesting possibility for the frunk opening.

Some have said that the vehicle looks a bit smaller than the one Tesla originally showed and this may be the case, although rumor has it that the manufacturer may, in fact, offer two sizes of Cybertruck. Maybe Tesla ended up not doing that and just made one Cybertruck that’s not quite as big as the study, but it’s also not 20 percent smaller as the rumor claimed.

Tesla may have also reduced the size of the front end, increasing the size of the windscreen. It really looks like there’s no way to open the frunk, but the vehicle will surely have one and it’s been speculated that the entire front end may lift out of the way (light bar and all), a clamshell design, which is probably the only solution. We can’t quite see the seams where the opening is, at least not in this one photo on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, but it must open somehow...

This Cybertruck also has a larger opening in the front bumper and the entire bumper appears to be a bit bigger and lower than before. This probably helps with its aero credentials, but it also probably limits its approach angle off-road, although we can’t quite tell how much lower the bumper actually is.

It also doesn’t have any kind of visible door handles, even though some older prototypes did feature them. The original study did have some flush door handles that popped out when the vehicle was unlocked, but it seems Tesla has moved away from that design, and it seems to confirm the rumors that announced this.

Regarding the wheels, we’re not sure what size they are - the tires don’t look like they are 35-inch, so we say maybe they’re a bit smaller, possibly 33-inch. And the rims could be the ones the vehicle will be sold with, although they will surely get some sort of aero cover to match the vehicle’s style.

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