According to a recent report by Teslarati, it seems Tesla has removed the upcoming Cybertruck's 2022 production estimate from its official website. Many folks may immediately think this means the electric pickup truck may be further delayed. However, others will argue that Elon Musk could be sandbagging.

With Tesla, and more specifically, Musk, you really never really know for sure what's going on or what's going to happen. The company doesn't have a PR department, and most information comes from Musk thanks to his active Twitter presence.

Sometimes, Tesla does make major announcements, typically through Musk on Twitter. On the flip side, if the company has small changes to make, it just updates its website. Often, there's no indication of any changes until the online sleuths discover them and report on them. These updates can range from price changes and configuration changes to production and delivery updates and more.

That said, Tesla has already made some changes to the Cybertruck order page. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla's website mentioned that Cybertruck reservation holders will be able to complete their configuration when "production nears in 2022.” Now, it simply says "as production nears." It could be as simple as the fact that 2021 is over and 2022 has arrived, so there's no need to have 2022 in the statement, but who knows.

This came after the order specs and pricing were removed from the order page a few months back, details surfaced about the elimination of a single-motor variant, and Musk said he'd provide new details during the upcoming Q4 2021 Tesla Earnings Call.

We also heard a rumor this week that Musk has a major announcement coming related to the new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. For those unaware, the plant is expected to open soon. It will start with Model Y production and graduate to the Cybertruck. In the meantime, Tesla has updated the Cybertruck prototype, which has been seen out testing of late.


We honestly have no idea why Tesla removed the date from the order page, and we also won't offer an estimate related to future Cybertruck production and delivery. However, we will say that, much like most news related to Tesla, this could turn out negative or positive.

It would come as no surprise if Tesla further delayed its electric pickup truck. At the same time, Musk could certainly be sandbagging. Remember, the Model Y electric crossover came to market ahead of schedule.

Tesla continues to prove naysayers wrong and outperform Wall Street estimates. With two new factories opening very soon, as well as Tesla's record quarter, the company could just as easily be accelerating its future plans. It all comes down to whether or not everything falls into place to make Cybertruck production possible sooner than Tesla recently anticipated.

Do you think the status of the Tesla Cybertruck order page suggests further delays? Is there a chance Musk has a big surprise for fans, and the electric pickup truck will make its way to production much sooner now? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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