Videos and photos of what appears to be a closer-to-production Tesla Cybertruck surfaced not long ago, and now this drone footage seems to show a very similar prototype - it is most likely not same one. Tesla engineers appear to be fitting something to the Cybertruck, but we can’t make out what it is because it’s obscured by camouflage.

This prototype had camo around the rear wheel arch area and the bed, possibly hiding sensors or some kind of measuring equipment needed for testing. It also appeared to have the same wheels as the prototype we saw back in December, and the same black side mirrors, but it didn’t seem to have the large single wiper.

There was also what appeared to be a mess of cables under the vehicle, suggesting the engineers had not finished installing whatever it is they were installing, because it looks like some of the cables are taped to the lower part of the left rear door. The pavement around the vehicle also appeared to be marked, with blue tape, but it’s not clear for what purpose - maybe they were testing the around-view camera system.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck

Now in regard to the size of this Cybertruck, to us it still seems smaller than the original 2019 concept shown, although it doesn’t help that this vehicle was shot from a nearly top-down perspective - this may affect the viewer’s perception of size. Let us know in the comments if you think it’s smaller or not.

Today it’s not perfectly clear when Tesla intends to launch the Cybertruck, but the latest announcement from Tesla places its debut sometime in 2024. At least the manufacturer is clearly working on the Cybertruck and we’re seeing incremental differences and improvements between prototypes, which is much more than can be said about the other still unreleased Tesla, the Roadster.

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