Our friend, Tesla Raj, who is a Tesla owner running an informative YouTube channel, just published a video comparing the top-of-the-line Tesla Model S Plaid with its primary rival, the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Raj writes:

"There are only two options when it comes to vehicles that are electric, can seat 5 and are as fast as a supercar. In this video, I break down the differences between the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air Dream Edition."

Why compare these two cars? In the case of some of our comparisons, that's a valid question. With the wide variety of EVs coming to market, many work to compete with one another even if they're not in the same vehicle class. However, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more worthy rival to the Model S than the Lucid Air. The only other obvious contender here is the popular Porsche Taycan, which definitely provides impressive competition with the Plaid, but that's old news.

The Model S Plaid is the quickest production car ever sold. According to Tesla, the 1,020 horsepower family sedan can rocket from zero to 60 mph in just shy of 2 seconds, it has an official quarter-mile time of just 9.23 seconds, a potential top speed of 200 mph, and an all-electric range of nearly 400 miles per charge. The Plaid carries a starting price of $129,990.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition can crank out up to 1,111 horsepower, it can scoot to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds, it has a top speed of 165 mph, and a maximum range of 520 miles. The Air Dream Edition starts at $169,900.

As you can see, these EVs mirror one another quite nicely when it comes to specs, though each has a notable edge in a different category. The Plaid and Air are also similarly accommodating as far as passenger space is concerned. However, aside from this, these are two very different cars in a number of ways, including their starting prices. The best way to see how they stack up is to check them out side by side, which is precisely what Raj offers in the video above.

Tesla Raj provided us with the following helpful chapters and timestamps, so you can navigate to parts of the video that are most important to you. That said, the detailed comparison is just under 20 minutes long, and it's worth watching the whole video.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Range and Speed
01:16 Wheels and Tires
01:43 Lucid Headlights
02:15 Safety Systems
02:56 Doors
03:18 Model S Storage Space
04:36 Lucid Air Storage Space
06:26 Model S Interior
08:12 Lucid Air Interior
10:41 Model S Sound System
11:11 Lucid Air Sound System
11:35 Seat Comfort
13:55 Model S Drive
14:27 Lucid Air Drive
15:44 Model S Touchscreen
16:17 Lucid Air Touchscreen
18:23 Conclusion

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