Tesla's CEO Elon Musk revealed today that the "GigaFest" event at the Tesla Giga Austin plant in Texas is scheduled for April 7 (he first said April 1, and later corrected to April 7).

The event is expected to gather thousands of Tesla enthusiasts (most likely after upfront registration) in a joint celebration similar to the previous one held in October at the Giga Berlin site in Germany (the plant is still under construction, without the final permit).


The Tesla Giga Austin event probably will be a great opportunity for the company to highlight some of the latest solutions and display the 4680-type cylindrical battery cells as well as the structural battery pack.

Those cells were previously shown in Germany, despite the fact that Giga Berlin starts with 2170-type cells. The plant in Texas will produce Tesla Model Y equipped with 4680-type cells right from the start. The company has already produced a million of those cells (cumulatively, as of January).

Gallery: Tesla 4680 Batteries

The new battery pack is also related to the new assembly process - seats are attached on top of the structural battery, before the marriage process.

Tesla Giga Texas: Attaching Seats To A Structural Battery Pack (Tesla Q4 2021 report)

In Berlin, Tesla has shown some of the new colors out of the all-new paint shop, which is promised to be state-of-the-art. Another thing was the adaptive headlights.

Hopefully, we will see some key elements of the production line related to the mega castings (single-piece front and rear car structure). A big thing would be test drives of the new cars at a test track.

Only time will tell what exactly will be on display, but we are pretty sure that it might be one of the most interesting EV events of April. After all, Tesla is the world's largest EV manufacturer, and the Made-in-Texas Model Y should be its latest and greatest product.

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