The Tesla Giga Berlin plant in Grünheide near Berlin is promised to be equipped with a state-of-the-art paint shop, which will be able to achieve an exceptional color depth. That would be a nice upgrade from the current basic five-color offer (white, black, blue, red and gray).

During the recent Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair, Tesla showed the factory, including the upcoming structural battery pack with 4680-type cylindrical cells, as well as several displays related to Made-in-Germany Model Y's colors.

According to the reports from Tesla Giga Berlin's guests, Tesla teased Model Y bodies (insde the factory) in two new colors: Crimson Red and Deep Blue.

There was also some fancy Model Y on display outside, which might be a demo of paint shop capabilities rather than an indication of a particular color.


Tesmanian reports also that there might be a third all-new color - "Khaki-like color". An image posted on LinkedIn in mid-February by the way of recruitment indicates a dark green and also a black color.

Anyway, it seems that at least in Europe, Tesla will step up its game in terms of paint. We will probably see something comparable in the U.S. with the launch of the Tesla Giga Austin in Texas.

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