Ram prepares to launch its first all-electric pickup truck, the Ram 1500 BEV in 2024, and recently announced the Ram Revolution insider program to provide more info about what is coming (see RamRevolution.com).

According to Autoblog.com, Mike Koval Jr., Ram brand CEO, has confirmed in an interview that in addition to the all-electric pickup, there will be also a range-extended (REx) version:

"He noted that it will be a part of Ram trying to respond to customer interests and concerns, as well as offering more than expected. He didn't go into detail about the powertrain, but it will launch alongside the electric model in 2024."

Well, it's not really a surprise, as the announcement from July 2021 clearly stated that there will be a BEV and a Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB) - a new marketing name for some kind of range-extender.

Ram 1500 EV

Considering the description - "All the driving characteristics of BEVs with real-world range and flexibility" - we assumed at the time that it was a series-hybrid (only electric motors are connected to the wheels) with or without plug-in capability.

We assume that it will be an onboard generator, that will simply support the battery to increase range, especially when towing.

 Ram 1500 EV teaser

It would make sense, especially since Ram will come a little bit after Ford and GM with an all-electric pickup and it would be good to offer something else to differentiate.

The Ram 1500 BEV is expected to be built on the upcoming all-new STLA Frame, announced by Stellantis in July 2021.

It should be able to accommodate 159-200+ kWh of batteries for a range of up to 800 km (500 miles). For the platform, the manufacturer envisioned EDM #3 electric drive unit (150-330 kW) - two of such units (one in front and one in rear) would provide a system output of 500-600 kW and all-wheel drive.

Images of a concept, all-electric vehicle:

Ram pickup teaser: Ram Revolution
Ram pickup teaser: Ram Revolution

The brand announced also two targets:

  • will deliver fully electrified solutions in the majority of its segments by 2025
  • a full portfolio of electrified solutions for all of its segments no later than 2030

Stellantis group is currently in a process of securing battery supply chain for the electrification of Ram and other brands. The group announced a battery gigafactory joint venture with LG Chem's LG Energy Solution (40 GWh) and Samsung SDI (23 GWh with an option for 40 GWh).

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