We’ve known for about week that Ram had trademarked the Revolution name, which was believed to be used to designate its upcoming electric pickup truck. Well, now the manufacturer has confirmed the pickup’s name, Ram Revolution, and also provided us with a couple of teaser shots that give some clues about the upcoming model.

Stellantis, Ram’s parent company, did not share any details on the Revolution, but we expect it to be a battery-powered version of the Ram 1500, expected to be refreshed again in 2023. That’s when the Revolution version of the pickup is also expected to make its debut, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

There really isn’t much to go on right now, and the only questions this teaser answers have to do with the rough overall design of the pickup, as well as some details of its front fascia. We can see in the teaser that the vehicle won’t have a full-width light bar (it would surely have been emphasized as a main design trait).

Ram Revolution

Ram instead opted to extend strips of LEDs onto the side of the vehicle, but not connect the LED strip in the middle of the grille. The first teaser that Ram showed of the pickup showed a slightly different design, so it may have evolved in the meantime.

Regarding its specs, it has been speculated that it will get battery packs with capacities ranging from 159 kWh to 200 kWh, with up to 500 miles of range and charge at a rate of 20 miles per minute. Ram also wants its truck to really have pulling power and performance, but in order to be among the most powerful EV pickups, it needs to have in excess of 1,000 horsepower.

Finally, it has been speculated that the Revolution could ride on a different body-on-frame platform from Stellantis, called STLA Frame, which along with three other dedicated EV platforms will be used to underpin all of the group’s battery-powered offerings. STLA Frame is the only body-on-frame configuration, so it will surely be used in other off-road-oriented electric offerings, not just the pickup.

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