Munro Live's teardown of the Tesla Model S Plaid is finally starting. The team spent some time driving and covered several thousand miles since the car first arrived in early December 2021, including on the track.

Now Munro & Associates is in a process of disassembling the car and analyzing Tesla's new solution. Video updates about particular elements will be posted on the Munro Live channel.

The first episode covers the frunk removal, but before that, the video includes a little bit of summary from driving.

Sandy Munro mentioned a few weak points of the car, including a faulty door seal in the rear (which caused wind noise), a difficult to use seat belt arrangement, and rear seats that aren't that comfortable (especially on longer trips).

Then, at about 12:54, we can see the removal of plastic covers around the front trunk (mostly without tools).

The first major finding was the new structural air tank for the air suspension (integrated into the structure). Double use of parts is always something that allows reducing weight and overall cost. It also highlights how interdisciplinary of an approach Tesla has.

Overall, it appears that there are a lot of new things implemented in the Plaid, especially in terms of the thermal management system, as well as the front suspension. More detailed analysis on that will follow.

It seems that the new series is becoming interesting right from the start, despite the fact that the first episode barely scratched the surface of new solutions, not even reaching the new auxiliary lithium-ion battery.

The episodes are slightly behind the actual work, according to the posts on Twitter, which indicate that the traction battery's cover has been already removed.

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