Ingineerix continues its teardown series with the Tesla Model S Plaid, which already includes the battery pack and the rear dual-motor drive unit.

In the latest episode we can take a closer look at the front, single-motor drive unit. The front drive unit reminds us of the previous one from the Tesla Model S Raven motor (a modified Model 3's Permanent Magnet - Synchronous Reluctance Motor - PMSRM), but it's even more advanced

The most noticeable change is the carbon-sleeved rotor - the first of its kind in a series production vehicle.

Tesla Plaid Teardowns - Front Drive Unit (source: Ingineerix)
Tesla Plaid Teardowns - Front Drive Unit (source: Ingineerix)

According to Ingineerix, the Plaid version of the motor weighs about 99 lbs (45 kg), while the rest of the drive unit (single-speed transmission and inverter) weighs about 110 lbs (50 kg), which gives us a relatively low total of roughly 220 lbs (95 kg).

"This is a look inside the actual PMSRM motor of the Plaid drive unit. This is essentially the "Raven" drive unit which itself is a repackaged Model 3 PMSRM rear motor. The main change for Plaid was upgrading the rotor for higher speed operation by incorporating a carbon-fiber overwrap to keep the rotor from coming apart at 200 MPH/320 KPH.

The Motor itself with stator/field, rotor and housing only weighs 99 LBS/45 KG. The rest of the drive unit adds about 110 LBS/50 KG for a total of about 210 LBS/95 KG."

The Model S Plaid is the first and only Tesla with three drive motors - one in the front, and two for the independent drive of the rear wheels.

With the combined system output of up to 1,020 hp (about 760 kW) the car offers unprecedented performance, comparable to or better than most exotic super cars. Among production EVs, only the Rimac Nevera can deliver more power, but it's quite a unique vehicle and with a different customer target.

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