Here is a very interesting video about the Tesla Model S Plaid battery pack, which was opened and described by Ingineerix.

We recently saw a photo of the pack, but now can take a closer look at the battery, its power electronics and connections.

The battery consists of 7,920 lithium-ion 1865-type cylindrical cells, which are installed in five modules (1,584 cells each - 22S72P). The total capacity is about 99 kWh.

The overall design of the modules reminds us of the Tesla Model 3/Model Y battery and Ingineerix notes that the BMS is the same.

Tesla Plaid battery open (source: Ingineerix)
Tesla Plaid battery open (source: Ingineerix)
Tesla Plaid battery open (source: Ingineerix)
Tesla Plaid battery open (source: Ingineerix)

The new battery is completely different than the previous generation, which had up to 16 modules and the entire pack was even envisioned for potential use at battery swap stations. We guess that the new one is less costly and also offers better performance (power output and charging).

Tesla Model S Plaid battery in brief:

  • 7,920 lithium-ion 1865-type cylindrical cells (Panasonic)
  • 5 modules (1,584 cells each)
    22S72P (22 rows in series, each of 72 cells in parallel)
  • about 99 kWh of total capacity and probably roughly 95 kWh usable
  • about 450 V system (indicatory value)

Description of the video:

"The Tesla Plaid pack uses 7920 18650 cells arranged in 5 modules that have an 72S22P arrangement each. Same BMS system as Model 3/Y. It is capable of sustained 2300A output.

Each module is 15 3/8" (390mm) long X 55 1/4" (1404mm) wide X 3" (76mm) high. If you include the coolant manifolds and lines, the width is 57 3/8" (1458mm).

This pack's data obtained from the BMS:
Beginning of Life Pack Energy: 99KWh

Nominal Energy Remaining: 32KWh
Nominal Full Pack Energy: 95KWh
Charge Total: 1564.13KWh

Discharge Total: 1484.05KWh
Present SoC: 34.3%
Cell Voltage Min: 3.592V
Cell Voltage Max: 3.598V"

* please note that there is a bug in the "72S22P arrangement", as it's the opposite - 22S72P.

As of the day of releasing the video, the pack was available for sale.

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