The latest drone flyovers of the Tesla Giga Berlin plant in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany reveal a growing number of Made-in-Germany (MIG) cars sitting in the parking lot.

According to Tobias Lindh's report (video recorded on January 21), there are about 160 MIG Tesla Model Y (see from 12:14). On top of that comes the cars that left the plant for tests, including the ones in Norway.

Considering that there were more than 100 MIG cars as of January 18, Tesla is very likely adding about 10 or so per day, on average.

We assume that those are pre-production units, built to fine-tune the assembly line and conduct tests ahead of the series production of customer cars.

Besides that, we can also take a closer look at the new graffiti art at a stairwell (see from 5:30). It's a pretty interesting sight, not usual for a plant, and definitely in Tesla's futuristic Cybertruck style.

Tobias Lindh notes also the first column for the lobby's rooftop pavilion (4:00) and that half of the roof structure of the wastewater treatment building is finished (8:00).

Tesla still awaits the final permit for the plant and continues construction of the site to handle more and more manufacturing processes on site.

It's not officially confirmed when series production and customer deliveries of MIG cars will start, but since the launch in 2021 did not happen, now Q1 2022 is very likely (at least if bureaucracy does not cause further delays). An earlier report indicated March as the possible date.

A fresh the_wolfpack_berlin's video (January 22) shows (13:10) that carriers are taking the MIG Tesla Model Y cars outside the plant:

Another video from January 21 was provided by Giga Berlin / GF4Tesla:

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