After beating a Tesla Model S P100D in a drag race, the jet engine-boosted Model S P85D created by Matt from Warped Perception is back, but in this video, it has little chance of beating its opponent. That’s because very few vehicles could out-accelerate a Tesla Model S Plaid, the world’s fastest-sprinting sedan ever.

AMS Performance set up the race against a Plaid, but before they actually do it, Matt walks us around his modified Model S, showing us some parts of the build that he didn’t actually show in his original video. We are reminded that he put the fuel cell for the jet engines in the frunk, that he ran the fuel lines through the vehicle and that the rear frame that holds the three jets was never actually finished, which is why it may move around a little.

Even if it’s not perfect, though, his jet-boosted P85D is noticeably quicker than a stock P85D. Even if the thrust on its own doesn’t make the Model S quick, if you combine it with the car’s powerful dual-motor setup, the performance gain is noticeable. But is it enough to even come close to matching a Plaid for acceleration?

Well, when they did finally race the two vehicles, for the first two runs, the Plaid’s battery was not sufficiently warm for it to enable drag strip mode, so it actually lost. It’s interesting to observe that off the line, the jet-boosted P85D actually seems to be quicker, even in the third run when the Plaid is warm and it unleashes all its power, winning with ease.

For the fourth run, it looked like the P85D again got off the line quicker, but the Plaid was not even able to catch up, struggling with traction and putting its power down. The fifth and final run really showed just how much quicker the Plaid is, though, even when not in optimum conditions.

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