The unveiling of the Airflow Concept at last week’s CES marks Chrysler’s clear commitment to an electric future. The Stellantis brand has pledged to build its first electric vehicle in 2025 and to become an all-electric automaker by 2028.

In the wake of the Airflow Concept’s debut, Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell has revealed more details about the brand’s future EV lineup to MotorTrend. For starters, Feuell says it’s a “certainty” that the brand will have more offerings in 2028 than its three nameplates today—the 300, Pacifica and fleet-only Voyager.

The sleek Airflow electric crossover concept provides a glimpse at what’s ahead, although Chrysler has refrained from openly saying that it previews the production electric crossover planned for a 2025 launch.

Actually, Feuell said the Airflow Concept itself would not go into production. She wasn’t ready to commit to using the Airflow name, either. However, the CEO admitted that Chrysler’s first production EV will borrow a lot of the Airflow Concept’s styling and technology.

Scheduled to debut in 2025, the EV will be built on the STLA Large platform, as will all of Chrysler’s upcoming products. If the Airflow Concept is anything to go by, the electric crossover will have a 118-kWh battery pack enabling a range of 350–400 miles. 

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After the Airflow-like production car arrives, Chrysler will follow up with “one or two” more electric SUVs. While Feuell wouldn’t go into detail, one of the new vehicles is likely to be a full-size three-row SUV, seeing as the Airflow-like vehicle will be a midsize electric crossover with two rows of seats. One should not rule out a three-row midsize model either. 

What about an all-electric Chrysler minivan, though? Feuell says that despite being eclipsed by booming SUV sales, minivans are still important to the brand and will endure the EV transition.

Don’t expect just an electrified Pacifica, though. Feuell wants to see a “fresh perspective” on what a minivan can be, a vehicle that works for and appeals to any type of family, not just the outdated “soccer mom” stereotype. 

She didn’t provide a timeframe for the next-generation minivan, which she likes to call a "multi-purpose vehicle," but with the Pacifica still in its fifth year, a successor will probably arrive after Chrysler's planned electric SUVs. 

The future may not be as favorable to the 300 sedan; when asked directly, Feuell did not confirm or deny a next-generation 300. The current model will bow out in 2024 along with its platform siblings, the Dodge Charger and Challenger. But while the Dodge models will be replaced by a new EV muscle car in 2024 (also built on the STLA Large platform), the 300 might not get a successor.

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