We just reported that Tesla's Giga Austin may be on the verge of opening. We've heard that Tesla's new factories in Texas and Berlin are both set to open any day now, though it seems the German factory may still be behind its US-based counterpart. Nonetheless, recent reports reveal that at least 33 Model Y crossovers have already been produced at Giga Berlin.

Sure, 33 EVs is no big deal, and they're likely only being used internally, and/or for testing. However, it's still interesting to share that the factory is capable of producing the electric crossover. 

The information was reported by our friends at Teslarati, though the details continue to surface from a growing number of Tesla factory drone flyovers. The video (embedded above) was produced by local Berlin resident Tobias Lindh, who says he saw 12 Model Y crossovers recently, which disappeared. Not long after, he counted 33 models in the Giga Berlin parking lot.

Lindh also tweeted some images from the flyover, and highlighted the Model Y's "three new colors."


Based on information in our previous report, there were at least four Model Y crossovers parked together on the German Tesla Gigafactory grounds. Chatter online suggested that those particular electric crossovers were not to be delivered to customers. Instead, they were likely pilot production models that were undergoing testing, as well as being used internally.


In another report, we shared images of a car hauler seemingly taking Model Y vehicles away from the Tesla factory in Germany.


It's certainly going to be an interesting couple of days, or perhaps a couple of weeks, as Tesla gears up to open two new global plants. After breaking records and delivering a whopping ~309,000 EVs in Q4 2021 – to push its yearly deliveries to over 936,000 – it's exciting to think about what Tesla may be capable of with two brand-new state-of-the-art production facilities to start off 2022. 

Do you have a 2022 Tesla production and delivery estimate you'd be willing to share? Can Tesla double its yearly production with the two new factories in operation? Or, will the production ramp prove difficult and slow enough that we won't see a massive increase until much later in the year?

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