As we just recently pointed out, Tesla allows drones to navigate its various properties across the globe, so there are always plenty of updated videos and images of the automaker's operations and progress. The drone footage above was captured this week by flybrandenburg, as production at Tesla's Giga Berlin is anticipated to start at any moment.

As you'll see in the video, as well as the tweets below, there are at least a handful of Model Y crossovers on the property. We've seen images of them wearing Tesla car covers, though some have had the covers off at times. According to flybrandenburg:

"Todays building progress of the Giga Berlin. A few Model Y's were spotted outside which were possibly manufactured in Berlin. The pipe bridge has made a good progress too and is now connected to all buildings. The final parking lot construction is also clearly visible progressing."


It appears the same row of four Model Y vehicles is shown in the image below, which came from another recent video:


Sawyer Merritt's tweet claims the Model Y crossovers were actually built at Giga Berlin, though we really have no way of knowing for sure. Merritt also posted the following thread claiming that Tesla has already built some 240 Model Ys at its factory in Germany.


That said, Merritt's source reportedly told him that the electric SUVs are for testing purposes, as well as internal use. Merritt goes on to say that Tesla hopes to deliver the first German-made cars in the middle of January, though the necessary factory approvals are still up in the air. Click on the tweet to check out the rest of the thread.

While production was expected to start at Giga Berlin prior to the end of the year, after many delays, it's delayed yet again due to continued environmental concerns and an alleged lack of proper documentation from Tesla.

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