Losing the steering wheel almost a certainty in a few decades’ time, maybe less according to some, but will we regret handing over control? Well, probably not if we’ll all be traveling in stunning vehicles like the Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept that was just revealed at CES 2022.

Even though there are many talking points around this vehicle, the most important is the fact that you can not drive it. Cadillac has envisioned it as a completely autonomous vehicle, so it no longer needs a physical steering wheel.

Gallery: Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept

It also doesn’t have a traditional dashboard - the two occupants are presented with a full-width display that provides an augmented reality experience. It shows what is around the vehicle and relays information, but the automaker points out that it also has entertainment and wellness functions too.

Interestingly, Cadillac opted to merge the two front seats into a very reclined sofa-style bench. Right in front is a tray with blankets, and not much else. There are no buttons, physical switches or screens to touch - all functions will be accessible through voice commands.

On the outside, this is very clearly still a Cadillac, although it’s thankfully not another crossover or SUV. The manufacturer created a stunning low, swept-back coupe shape with one of the most steeply raked windscreens we’ve ever seen. The doors are very large and the long overhang brings luxury coupes of the 1930s to mind.

Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept

Underpinning all of this is GM’s Ultium platform that has a

Wireless battery management system, the battery modules are spread about the concept vehicle, which allowed designers to optimize the cabin for spaciousness and serenity. This design freedom also allowed for a low-profile floor, providing an extremely low, sports car-like seating position.

However, the InnerSpace is all about the comfort and serenity, as is befitting of a Cadillac halo car. Bryan Nesbitt, GM executive director, Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio puts it in context by saying

The vehicles of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio are designed to provide effortless travel through extraordinary means. They are visions for the next decade and beyond, showing the possibilities enabled by General Motors’ comprehensive approach to autonomous drive technology with the goal of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

Electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the role of vehicles and the experiences customers have with them. We’re exploring where that will go with these innovative concepts, envisioning mobility as an ally of wellness, giving customers the ultimate luxury, more personal time rather than taking it.

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