When our own Kyle Conner made the move from North Carolina to Colorado, he knew he'd eventually be up against some very . Just this weekend, many states in the US got dumped on, and cold temps have caused much of the white stuff to freeze solid underneath the powder.

If you follow Kyle, you know he's the proud owner of a 2019 , among many other amazing vehicles. Not long after Colorado got hit with some fresh snow, Kyle set out with Jordan to see how the Model 3 handles the conditions.

The interesting part here is that Conner's Tesla is wearing Nokian Tyres One premium all-seasons. The goal here is to see if people might be able to get away with just having one set of tires for the whole year. though we don't advise it. That said, are the Nokian's aggressive enough? Conner writes:

"We always recommend dedicated snows if you live in an area with regular snowfall, but this is a great option for an all around tire for most climates!"

As an aside, I had to replace the tires on my Chevrolet Volt for the first time a few weeks ago. I considered getting snow tires, but didn't really want two sets of tires. I only drive my Volt 20 or so miles per day on local roads, so I went with Michelin Cross Climate 2 all-season tires, and they've been very impressive in the snow.

At any rate, as you can see, Kyle's area in Colorado just got hit with a decent amount of snow, as much as seven inches, according to Jordan. Kyle rips out of the driveway and puts the car through the paces. Fortunately, he's a very experienced driver, which helps with maintaining control. He also tools around in a parking lot quite successfully.

While all-season tires are not a replacement for snow tires, some brands and specific tires do a much better job than others. Kyle says he's going to swap the Nokians for some snow tires to provide us with a proper comparison.

Head down to the comment section and let us know which tires you prefer for the snow? Do you have dedicated snow tires, or do you rely on all-season rubber?

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