This Tesla Model Y user had a frightening experience when driving in the snow on a particularly steep downhill, with 19-inch wheels and all-season tires. We also assume it's an all-wheel drive car.

As we can see, initially, driving in the snow was easy. The trouble began on the steep downhill.

"Tesla vs Snowy Hill. It's bad."

Di Vlog writes: "We have no idea what's coming." On a snowy downhill, the car started to slide and it had to be stopped on the side.

The driver decided to reverse from a driveway and go up, but instead, the car was sliding down sideways.

At some point the car turned and was sliding down nose first without the possibility to stop – in a terrifying kind "free fall" momentThe driver started to honk, to at least warn the other drivers on the bottom because it was clear he would not stop before the stop sign.

Luckily, a crash with another car was avoided, but the video ends there so we don't know for sure whether the car hit the barrier or not. We hope not. 

Anyway, it was a terrifying "first" experience that reminds us how challenging winter driving can be, especially early in the season. 

"First time driving downhill in Tesla Model Y 19 inches wheel with OEM all-season tires. It's bad."

One practical step to avoiding a slide like this would be to switch from all-season tires to dedicated winter tires. Or for even more extreme winter climates with lots of ice or poorer road management, the ultimate solution is studded tires.

Many drivers have questioned if all-season tires are suitable, even without a dramatic hill slide. The truth is very dependent on where one lives and drives, of course. But the reality is all-seasons increase stopping distances on icy surfaces, and struggle for grip in deep snow, as well.

Below you'll find another video report, from YouTuber Bryan bkk, who checked his Tesla Model Y Performance, with all-season tires from Continental, in the Seattle area.

As we can see, the issues started right in the beginning on the uphill driveway, which required to speed up a little bit (although we are not sure whether the Slip Start mode was on). It was not as good as in the previous post when a Tesla Model Y was able to tow a BMW M3 uphill.

Stay safe out there, winter drivers. 

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