The new Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, produced at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California for the North American market, received significant upgrades.

Let's take a look at what was already found in the latest cars, but in general, the changes appear to mirror the latest Made-in-China (MIC) cars.

AMD Ryzen

According to Teslascope, the cars come equipped with the AMD Ryzen processor that first was discovered in the MIC Tesla Model Y Performance in China, launched in November, which accelerates the entire infotainment/navigation.

Considering how important the responsiveness of the system is, it should make the customer very happy.


Lithium-ion auxiliary battery

Another change is the switch from a 12 V lead-acid auxiliary battery to a lithium-ion auxiliary battery (just like in China). It is still called a 12 V battery, but essentially it has a slightly higher voltage (a few more volts, like 15-16 V or so, compared to 12.8 V in the lead-acid version).

We saw an in-depth presentation of the new lithium-ion battery in the Ingineerix video last month. At the time, it was obtained from a refreshed Tesla Model S, as both the Model S/Model X received the new battery first. The battery cells themselves are probably also the CATL's NMC prismatic type.

It means that soon all new Tesla cars will be equipped with lithium-ion auxiliary batteries (we guess that entry-level versions are getting them too), and none will use lead-acid ones anymore.

The benefit of switching to a lithium-ion auxiliary battery is tremendously increased longevity of the new battery, compared to 2-4 years for lead-acid ones. Additional things are smaller size and lower weight.


New camera housing

Teslascope reports also on a brand new front camera housing, but there are no further details about whether the cameras are new as well.

We will probably hear more about other upgrades once deliveries spread.


Of course, the new Tesla Model 3/Model Y in North America are ready for use the charging adapter from CCS Combo 1 (CCS1) to Tesla proprietary standard.

Europe gets similar upgrades

Europe, which currently gets the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y from China, will obviously benefit from all the changes applied already in China.

Some were already hinting at the changes are coming to all MIC Model Y:


Not only that. Sawyer Merritt's report indicates that the Tesla Giga Berlin plant will start production of the Model Y for Europe with the new 15.5 V, 6.9 Ah lithium-ion auxiliary battery.


Earlier this month, a leaked list of upcoming features in the Tesla Model 3/Model Y in Europe was posted by the TFF Forum.

It also indicates a 15.5 V lithium-ion auxiliary battery, AMD Ryzen infotainment computer, a Superhorn (three-in-one system for horn, alarm and speaker), rear door laminated glass and many more updates to the products or changes related to localization.

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