Tesla has recently launched in China the Tesla Model Y Performance versions - locally produced at the Tesla Giga Shanghai.

According to the reports, it's not just another version of the car that offers, as usual, quicker acceleration. This new Model Y Performance brings also new tech inside.

Tesla Model Y Performance (MIC) in China - November 2021
Tesla Model Y Performance (MIC) in China - November 2021

AMD Ryzen graphics

The first thing that was noticed is the AMD Ryzen graphics (that replaces an Intel chip), which is more powerful and should allow for really smooth operation of the infotainment and Internet browser.


A short demo presents how quick the new system is:


However, we can find also multiple comments that say that the main problem to solve is bad software integration of the Chinese streaming platforms. This is why a more powerful graphic would be needed to achieve high responsiveness.

Here is a comparison of the new system and MIC Model 3 Performance:


Lithium-ion auxiliary battery

Another interesting thing is the lithium-ion auxiliary battery that replaced a conventional 12 V lead-acid battery.

We haven't seen images of that, but Chris Zheng reports that there is a 16 V lithium-ion battery now. Previously, Tesla switched to a lithium-ion auxiliary battery in the refreshed Model S/Model X (see a detailed presentation here).

The info about 16 V suggesta that it might be a slightly different battery than in the Model S/Model X.


Anyway, the switch appears to be progressing from the flagship models to the Performance versions - soon, maybe the MIC Model 3 Performance also will get a lithium-ion auxiliary battery. Then it would be time for regular versions.

There might be also other new things in the Tesla Model Y Performance as the first users are just exploring the cars. One of the latest tweets teases double laminated glass in the rear windows for improved noise insulation.


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