Tesla has almost 32,000 Supercharger points that are part of 3,382 stations spread around the world, but as you may imagine, they are most common in places where the manufacturer sells most of its vehicles. Most Supercharger stations are located in the United States, which is unsurprising given the fact that the company was founded and began doing business here.

Right now 40.85 percent of them are in the United States (1,215 locations), 27.85 percent in China (1,134 locations), 23.7 percent in Europe and the remaining 7.6 percent are spread across the rest of the world. For next year, the manufacturer, wants to increase the number of Superchargers in Europe by 36.5 percent, in China by 33.7 percent and in the United States by 23 percent - these add up to 1,047 sites across the world, according to leasefetcher.co.uk.

Tesla Supercharger Statistics

Focusing on Europe, Superchargers are spread very unequally - countries like Germany and France have over 100 points (105 and 100 respectively), followed by the UK with 87 locations, Sweden with 56, Italy with 44 and the Netherlands with 36. At the other end of the scales we have places like Romania where there are currently just 5 Superchargers or neighboring Moldova where there are none.

Another interesting statistic provided by the source is the one about average points per live charging locations - how many actual charging points are per each station. This varies quite a lot too, from 15.7 in the Netherlands to less than 5 in places like New Zealand.

Tesla Supercharger Statistics

If you wanted to go even more in-depth, you can also group Supercharger stations according to the number of V3 Supercharging points that they have. V3 was introduced in 2019 and it boosted the maximum charging speed of up to 250 kW that could cut charging times by 50 percent.

Canada is the leader in this respect, with 48.1 percent of its Supercharger points being V3, followed by China with 42.1 percent, then South Korea with the same percentage, then Germany with 42 percent, the Netherlands with 38.9 percent,  followed by the US with 37.1 percent. Europe as a whole gets a V3 share of 29.1 percent, but as previously stated, this can vary quite a lot from country to country.

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