Tesla recently opened one of its Supercharger stations in the Netherlands to be used by other non-Tesla EVs and it looks like it’s been going great so far. The automaker also started allowing Teslas from nearby Germany and Belgium to come and charge at this open Supercharger station, but it didn’t make another one available.

Well, while the manufacturer will probably continue with the pilot program in the Netherlands, the next country where it wants to implement this may be Norway. Bilbransje24, a Norwegian news outlet, published from a letter written by a Tesla representative to Norway’s Ministry of Transport which said

We are now investigating other markets for a potential expansion of the pilot project. We would therefore very much like to meet you to tell you more about our plans…

It didn’t say when Tesla was going to do it, although a previous report says it will be before September 2022, but it did confirm that the EV manufacturer was looking to expand the program. Electrek reports that two Supercharger locations have already been chose for the pilot program to be expanded to.

Tesla is also reportedly looking to get the government incentives that it was not able to obtain before because they are only awarded to those who build charging stations open to all electric vehicles. In fact, it is these incentives that may have played a part in Tesla’s decision to make its Supercharger open to all EVs.

However, the incentives are even bigger in the United States, where a $7.5-billion electric vehicle charging station fund has been set up, but there’s a catch - in order to open its US Superchargers to all EVs, Tesla needs a physical adaptor that would enable other non-Tesla electric cars to plug in, so it will be a bit more complicated to manage.

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