Bulgarian tuner Vilner has done work on the Tesla Model 3 in the past, however their latest creation is a lot subtler than their previous take - and arguably a lot classier as well. Based off a Model 3 Performance, Vilner kept the exterior stock meanwhile the interior received a complete overhaul.  

Vilner believes the Model 3 is a great car but "the quality is average" and it is lacking in "comfort and the beautiful things in life". Hence they fitted tartan gray fabric and dark brown leather throughout the 3's interior. They also added more gray, non-tartan fabrics to the door panels, roof and A-pillars as well as to partial sections of the seats.

Vilner Tesla Model 3 (Interior)

Gray stitching was added throughout. The steering wheel and arm rest received plenty of brown leather whilst tartan gray dominated the seats. The end result is a far cry from Vilner's last Model 3 which featured a bright blue / orange interior theme.

Vilner Tesla Model 3 (Interior)

For those of you after something else, Vilner offers individual personalization along with a range of different textures and fabrics. Model 3 owners, based on the above would you let Vilner modify your car's interior? Let us know in the comments below. 

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